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My Background

Growing up, I was constantly creating short videos around the house and recording “podcasts” on my MP3 player. My passion for media production started at a young age, and when I turned 13 my parents said I could start a YouTube channel - so that’s exactly what I did. I storyboarded, filmed, edited, and produced videos almost weekly throughout middle school and into high school - and started working professionally once I entered college.

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Where Am I Now?

I honed that passion for creativity and decided to major in Media Arts Production at Millersville University. As someone who has always been interested and involved in politics, I thought "why not add a Government and Political Affairs minor?" -- so that's what I did. My dream is to combine these two passions and do something good for the nation. I want to be able to share the facts of current events, and be a figure that people can trust in the media.

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